New Mudspike Mobile Apps

As a ‘Discourse’ powered site you can now add to the new iOS and Android mobile apps.

If there is any demand we can also add push notification support too, so let us know if you want that.

Apps here:



The apps look/work similarly to the mobile web experience, but do work a little quicker. Enjoy!


Posting from my phone. Can confirm it works!

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Dang, beat me to it.

Posted from my Note 4.


Is there any benefit to using that over the original mudspike app thinger I downloaded, assuming I’m not going to use the discord voice chat on my phone?

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It’s similarly named, but ‘discord’ is the gaming voice app and nothing to do with this stuff, and ‘discourse’ is the open source stuff that we updated to run the forum and these mobile apps talk with.

The original mobile app was something I did quickly and does work similarly to these common Discourse apps. The Discourse apps are supported by a big ol team of smart developers though and will be the best way forward, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop using what I did. The new apps also have a nice ‘Notifications’ and ‘All’ area that can be easier to browse with. I personally will use these new apps over what I did before.


ah, gotcha! was wondering why the app was showing as discourse lol.

Cheers, I’ll check it out.

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Got the app…works great so far!

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Worls well enough but im finding it slower than the one you put together so far.

I’m not sure about the speed benefit, it does seem to load pages a bit faster.

The main disadvantage conpared to the old “just make this website an app” method, to me, is that I have to do an extra click to select Mudspike from a list with only 1 entry after opening the app, and that the app doesn’t remember where I was after opening another app then opening Discourse again.
This used to work for my Mudspike app.

Is there a way to fix these 2 things?

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Not really or not that I’ve found so far, although I think my main usage pattern is I just use the Notifications panel (that seems to refresh on the fly) and then go into / back from things. That looks like this:

I also don’t tend to close the apps, so this puppy has been running for days.

One way around it is that I can take this app and then just fix it to just (and then perhaps also enable push notifications) and then republish into the app stores from It’s not really a technical thing to do it that is hard (10 min job), it’s more the paperwork and $100 etc of getting a proper Mudspike registration set up with the store owners (especially with Apple, always Apple and their fax machine…).

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah I don’t close the app either, I mean when leaving it open and moving back and forth between apps (via the square button, you know).

Will try using the notification menu, thanks for sharing thag.

I understand about the paperwork.
I really appreciate the work you do to keep improving the forums, please don’t feel pressurised into doing things you don’t want to do. (And spending Beach’s money on them)

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