New ORBX Libs 160528 = no more region switching

In FTX Central, neat! about a 1.4GB download.

Awesome. I’m happy to see this… I was always confused over the whole switching thing and hybrid mode. This will make life a lot easier.

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Woah…looks like everyone is updating this morning…

Updated FSX Steam and P3Dv 3.3 with this now, works fine, was expecting some extra load times, but it seems about the same.



For anyone else that, like me, was getting terrible download speeds through FTX Central - I’m talking less than 100kb/s - you can go to the FTX website and download from the Google Drive servers much faster:

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I’m having terrible luck with Orbx and my P3D V3 install. As soon as I install either FTX Global or PNW, trees inhabit SEATAC, PDX, and most of the Seattle area. In fact they infest the whole damn world, unless it’s been overlaid with custom scenery. Trees in the middle of runways, on streets, everywhere. Also, with a fresh install of P3D V3, parts of Pensacola in the default mission are flooded like there is a mesh error. Anyone notice this or do I just have demons? I’m about to reinstall P3D for the 3rd time and not install any Orbx products.

I’ll give it a go in a bit but I hadn’t seen that previously. Just out of curiosity, what version of P3D V3 are you running?

Thanks boomerang10. I’m at work, so not exactly sure, but I did a fresh DL and install about 2 weeks ago. So, whatever was available then. To summarize, I have two issues. The first is related to the stock install and that parts of coastal cites are flooded. As an example, check out this video that I did around Anchorage, which was an add-on airport for FSX. But the same phenomena happens with a clean install at Pensacola in the default mission.

The second is with Orbx FTX Global or PNW. After install and activation, trees autogen everywhere including places like the middle or runways and streets. I’ve Googled both of these and not getting a lot of hits. So writing it off to something specific to my PC. However, not having a problem with any other sim. DCS, IL-2 COD, BMS 4.33 U1, Project Cars, Dirt Rally, etc all work perfectly. TIA

Not seeing any flooding or weird trees on my end. You sure you weren’t flying around Houston with some new super accurate weather package?

Interestingly, I did notice floating buildings. Strange.

Flora-Bama is calling to me… It’s gotta be around here somewhere.

For what it’s worth, I believe I’m still running 3.1.

This may or may not be related, but you might give this fix a try:

Referenced here:

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The ORBX Reality Series™. Houston is underwater. Baltimore is burning. And New Jersey is…well…it’s the same.