New pay update for SB Pro PE coming in July

And there is a lottery game in there!

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Yes there was a lottery game there

Thank you eSim and SSnake


Oh my that is absolutely lovely. Congratulations

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OK, because I’m a casual broadcaster, and a crappy gamer… I call my new series “A dummies guide to the M60A3 MBT” in SB Pro PE v4.357.

The M60A3 gun range:
M60A3 Tank Range (SB Pro PE) - YouTube

M60A3 Tank Platoon Basics:
M60A3 Tank Platoon (SB Pro PE) - YouTube

Actually, started out to quick but the ending was a nice battle. In a practice run through I won with no casualties, not so much when I went to broadcast. typical. lol

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what was the mission you used, or was it custom?

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edited version of the Tank Platoon mission listed in the included scenarios, not the “My Scenarios” folder. I’ll post the full name later at home.


bad day to be in that BMP

found it and modded it :slight_smile:


It literally punched through! :open_mouth: