New pay update for SB Pro PE coming in July

No solid info yet, just a bunch of hints and talk over at the official forum, but a new pay to update is coming in July, (4.3 I think), a lot of talk and hints about drones being used… ie: real life combat in Ukraine.

(I just hope I can finally play in full screen again, last update killed it for me have had to play in a window since.)


Have you tried to click on the Windowed text next to Mode: in the Display section of the settings?

For me that changes between Window and Full screen mode.

If that dosen’t work, I would suggest that you post about it in the support section of the Steel Beasts forum.

Hope you get it to work.

Happy Simming

oh I had a long discussion with Ssnake on it, a couple of different things we tried… had to settle for changing the target command into a fullscreen window, but still have the task bar at the bottom that drives me crazy.

Only game/program I had a problem with on my new high end PC.

SB Pro PE T72B3 gunner tutorial. Included in the update coming early July. (This is how a video tutorial should be done, DCS could learn from this video. I still haven’t fired a shot in the Apache due to difficulty and lack of info. lol.)

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