Clarity i say :slight_smile: and wide fov.

8KX is new king in VR town.




This is a crowdfund, again?

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They’re talking about both fixed and dynamic foveated rendering. I guess a headset with that kind of field of view and resolution, would really need a way to reduce those pixels that fall outside the fovea…

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I am curious about that one.
It is way out of my budget, but since the thing that bothers me most about my Rift S is the small field of view I hope that companies will find a way around that. Pimax seems to have put that into focus.

Well my 2 cents :

I run my pimax 5k+ now about 1.2-1.3 PD and it runs in dcs quite ok 1070TI here

So 8KX or 8K+ would be ok with 1.0PD , least when my 2080TI comes.

8kX has zero SDE in naked eye. (more in pimax forums ) so image is really nice even wihtout heavy PD

And eye track is avaible soon , but dcs / nvidia needs to add support. So its not yet usable.

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Fixed rendering is already usable in pitool , 20xx cards only until nvidia changes it.

It gives quite ok boost, least my firends reports.

But dynamic foveated rendering, still no support from nvidia. So tehc is avaible to pimax and index but not usable beacuse it needs drivers and support from GPU


Yeah, but I see it as the way to go from here… Being able to render only a fraction of the scene, in full resolution, must save a lot of processing power. Interesting to see Pimax is on the ball.


Amazing!! The 8KX looks to be a clear improvement over the 5K+…which I own and am really enjoying.


image0 Super zoomed view. Pixel density is awesome


Early Sneak Peak

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Now, bear in mind that SweViver is Pimax’s euro PR rep, or something like that.

Still, it is interesting and if Pimax can deliver foveated rendering with eye tracking, this can get really interesting.
I’ll believe it when I see it though.

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I think my Reverb is clearer than what he is showing in that video. His connections with Pimax make the video highly suspect.

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Yeah, I thought of your Reverb lens shots when I watched that video… :thinking:

But if the new Pimax has equal clarity, wide FoV and foveated rendering…

I know. A lot of “if”s.

Yeah…I’d definitely consider it if the reviews come in good and the hardware is good. I’m a pretty big fan of inside out tracking though for the portability of it…

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Yeah, me too…