New plane - Pilatus PC-24

Coming in the fourth quarter of the year (allegedly)…


Looks like it will be back to Dallas…sigh…I was hoping for Switzerland…


That’s really exciting! Looks like a very nice flying machine. Will you be flying single pilot? (Almost certainly not but who knows?) Will this replace either the King Air or Citation or just an addition to the fleet?

For some reason I feel like saying “looks like it hauls a lot of coke.”


Timed with FS2020? :grin:


I really really like that plane!

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I’ve been pretty hyped by all the flying videos I’ve seen of it online. I have yet to see one in person. They have one just down the road from us in Rock Hill, SC - so I need to make my way down there and check it out in person.

No, we will still be flying two pilots thankfully. It is just so much more safe and sharing the workload is a big bonus. I do hope we get a single pilot type rating in it though - that would be nice. After a thousand or so hours maybe I can apply to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (we always said we could retire down there). Not sure how they (the aviation scene) like ex-pats down there though.

We don’t know yet. There is talk about retaining at least one Citation and perhaps making it an organ procurement plane. There is also talk of getting something bigger like a Sovereign or Gulfstream 280. I’ll believe that when I see it though. Personally, I’d love to see us have a fleet of PC-24s and King Air 350s. We go to a lot of places that suit the performance of the King Air. A lot of the decisions are still up in the air…but we are definitely getting the PC-24s.


If that doesn’t sound completely dystopian I don’t know what does.


Is “harvesting” worse? We’ve used that term too…


“Organ Procurement Drill”


I’ll throw this to the Mudspikians from down under…I read somewhere that one cannot immigrate to Australia above the age of 35.

I don’t know about the specifics of Australia but most places have employment visas and permanent residence, that lets you live/work somewhere without full immigration. The job visas tend to have very specific categories for certain jobs in high demand (they are desperate for flying doctor services etc), so if you secure a position then the age things matters less. (joke: when at their passport control, if they ask if you’ve ever committed a crime don’t say ‘I didn’t realize that was still a requirement’, as they don’t laugh)


You didn’t…!? :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That reminds me…

Sea Story…actually a Burns' Night RAF Mess Story

So, back when I was stationed in the UK, my wife and I went to a “Burns Night” at a nearby RAF base. It was a formal occasion so we were all in our “Mess Dress” uniforms.

After the dinner and all the speeches and toasts (to the Lassies and to the Lads),as is custom, the head table gets up and goes to the bar; the rest of the “Mess” waits about 10 minutes before joining them. During this time Mr./Ms. Vice President of the Mess (for that evening; usually a junior officer), entertains the Mess. This evening, Ms. Vice did a couple of magic tricks. The wife of our sponsor for that evening, was brought up to witness one of the tricks and to select the “participants”.

This particular evening we had officers from a few countries including an RAAF officer and of course myself, USN. When our sponsor’s wife is asked to pick two people to be in the magic trick she says “How about American guy and…Australian guy”.

…a British RAF officer exclaims, “Oh, great! The convict and the revolutionary!” :open_mouth:



Lol, that was great @Hangar200! :rofl:


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