New Problem with DCS and VR (Since MT)

I changed the title because F10 was placebo. Tried SteamVR as my runtime. Less tracking issues but more VR issues. It might well be that I just need to quit the Rotorheads server. I’ve always had issues with it. But I figure with the new PC build, I could swing it. Anyway, not a bug. Just a player and his PC swimming in a pool that’s too deep.

This might be VR only and also maybe MT only. For me, a Quest 2 user, the bug works like this: the flight is progressing fine with liquid smooth frames until one hits F10 to peek at the map. When back to 3D you notice either an immediate degradation of performance (frames, tearing, tracking) or one that gets progressively worse within a few minutes regardless whether you ever use F10 again. With the Quest, the performance loss comes with a slight loss of tracking, which sometimes persists all the way back to the 2D DCS GUI. If you look left and right, the screen drags slightly left and right as well—VERY nausea-inducing. Sometimes this corrects over time. Usually DCS needs to be restarted. (I can also temporarily cure it with passthrough, but the problem returns within minutes). There is a thread about this on the DCS forum but it only has a few responses so this may not be a universal problem among players. Respondents included Reverb and Pimax users. So it doesn’t seem restricted to Oculus.

So far the only cure for me is to avoid F10, especially if the mission is resource-heavy.

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I was playing in VR and MT last night and didn’t notice that but I do have an HP Reverb.

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I have a g1. Ill try it when i get home

I only will notice it in very heavy missions that are already pushing resources to exhaustion. The Apache “Scud Hunt” mission is one and the Rotorheads MP server is another. The Apache is required on my PC to see this negative behavior at its worst.

Changed title and a bit of the original post. Not a bug. Just me and DCS not getting along.

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On my box, F10 also destroys framerates for a while. Its a known bug that ED are busily chasing down. Its not you Eric. Stop throwing a hissy fit.

Elby? Where did that come from? Did I say something wrong?


Sorry if that came across too strong. I was just trying to console you that it’s not you having a problem with the machine or the software, it’s the software being problematic (as always, it’s a complex thing that has to work on all kinds of different machines.) I have lots of respect for you, and consider you a friend. Sorry if I made you think otherwise.


All good @schurem. I thought maybe I was coming off as whiny. That phrase was one he actually used so I am a little sensitive to it.

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I can confirm bug … was on hollo points Cyprus mission, smooth as silk hit F10 and then started getting very jaggey head turning

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