New router: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at hosting the ad-hoc game, but had been looking for a router with throughput that wouldn’t handicap my Gb connection. At work we’ve been kicking around Ubiguiti gear and one of my coworkers recommended the EdgeRouter 4. I’m ashamed to say that it’s been sitting on the shelf a couple of months, while I procrastinated researching how to get my ATT fiber router configured in bridge mode. Turns out that it wasn’t that difficult, and tonight I probably spent about an hour configuring both devices. This weekend I’ll kick the rest of IoT devices out to the ATT LAN (now a handy DMZ) like NEST thermos, IP cameras, nanny iPhone, etc.

The first speed test was encouraging, because the ER4 lived up to its billing as having wire speed throughput, at least for 1 Gbps.


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