New rudder pedal recommendations.

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@Kinger just out of pure curiosity I have to ask. I noticed this also with other simers (mostly from their home cockpit photos).

How can you spend this lot of money on something like TM WH HOTAS and thinking that plastic rudder pedals will be good enough to complete the setup?

Talking about overkills, isnt the WH HOTAS already overkill in that regard?
No ofense intended, I just cant understand. When one buy something like WH HOTAS or VIRPIL HOTAS or VKB HOTAS (coming soon) one is aware that he is geting controler that is without the rudder axis. Complementing such hi-tech devices with plastic kit is out of my head. And by ‘plastic’ I mean not only the chasis but also the axis sensor.

I personaly went the DIY way. It is ‘copy’ of the VKB T-Rudders. I am almost there, to say 95% there. I guess one more week and I will take some pics to show them to you guys (dont expect too much :wink: ).

What I learned in the proces of DIYing? To realy fuly apreciate this statement:
Controllers made in small batches by these flightsim enthusiasts (like MFG Corswinds, Baur BRDs, SLAW Devices, VKB T-Rudders, …) are worth every single cent!

I know that you are not saying that they are not. What I mean is that it is worth to save your hard earn money to buy them.
Or… if you have enough spare time, enough patience (and hair) and enough tools you can go the DIY way.

But once you buy one of them (or once you finish your DIYing), you will realize that you made one mistake. Mistake of not buying them already long time ago :slight_smile:

PS: but its everyone’s choice oc. If you are decided for the lower price variant then I would recomend the CH Pro Pedals.
The former Saitek’s PRO are now sold under Logitech brand. Not sure if they only changed the stickers on them or made some updates recently.


I think that rudder pedals are, by most, seen as a secondary controller. I am sure most here started of with a twisty stick for their first setup that had a proper rudder axis. I remember my first time trying a version of MSFS at a friend’s house with his CH Pro pedals and I was amazed at what a difference it made to the experience (I was a private pilot at the time but had been using flight sims for many years at that point). On the surface, rudder pedals just aren’t sexy when compared to a HOTAS setup with a plethora of buttons and switches.

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The Saitek Pro pedals are pretty cool.

Does anyone know what kind of sensor is inside the Saitek Logitech PRO ?

This is one of my concern with big manufacturers. The information are sparse in regards to some tech details about their product.

I have no idea on the sensor,sorry

Looking at this disassembly vid

it would appear that it uses run off the mill potentiometers. Kinda disappointing in this day and age…


I think he was referring to the rudder pedals. But it wold surprise me if the pedals has better sensors than the stick…

Rule of thumb: If contactless sensors are not explicitly mentioned in the advertising, it is safe to assume that a controller uses potentiometers.

Very true.

Sorry for the necro-posting but…

I’ve received a generous donation from my in-laws and I can finally afford myself the MFG Crosswind.
Could anyone who have them give me the size of the thing to see if they fit under my desk?


Found the info online…

Order placed— delivery will be around mid April.

I’m now the proud almost-owner of MFG Crosswind! :heart_eyes:


You will love them. Well worth the cost and wait.

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:slight_smile: YAY! I’ve been after these for at least five good years!
Can’t wait!

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In addition to being totally perfect they are mechanical works of art. Its such a shame that they must stay hidden under a desk.

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Sry to hear that… I know that it is partialy also my fault… I forced you to buy them… as I still didnt provide to you work instructions and bill of material for the DIY pedals :smile: :wink:

Seriously… Happy for you, njoy them ! :slight_smile: I am still fighting my DIY fights.

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Fight the good fight! :wink::+1:

Soooooooo… the DHL website reports my MFG’s in delivery for this morning! :smiley:
To say I’m excited is an understatement! :exploding_head:


I love my Crosswinds, and I know you will too.

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