New Saitek X56 HOTAS

Contacted Saitek a few weeks ago regarding their new X56 Rhino for possible review. Well, they’ve replied to my request and have offered up a unit for me to review. My plan is to do a side by side comparison of the X55 and X56. Hardware, software, INSIDE and out. If you know anything about me, I like to tinker and or mod/build/re-engineer stuff HOTAS related. My plan, after the initial impressions is to open the X56 up, and see what makes it tic, so to speak. Then, (queue mad scientist laugh) see how much trouble I can get myself into… Film at eleven. :wink:


looking forward! Be sure to do a thorough section on the new CMS and slewing key! That’s what I am most curious about and would consider upgrading for from an x55

Absolutely looking forward to it. As in-depth as you can, please. :grinning:

Excellent, i have been wanting an indepth review of this stck. Looking forward to it !

It won’t be an “official” Mudspike review. But it will be hosted by another Flight Sim oriented site sans drama.

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looking forward to it to, I honestly thought it was an April Fools day joke, till I saw it on Amazon for pre-orders a few weeks later.

Really looking forward to your review. Just watched a two part review including internal pictures and the host of the video was “less than impressed”.

If your review points to the same conclusions then i’m afraid my x52 upgrade won’t be saitek.

I’m beginning to wonder myself! After being told that review X56s were to be shipped on or about the 20th of May, crickets. I reached out to my POC at MadCatz on the 24th of May, crickets. We’ll see how it goes…

So, you havent received it yet? That sucks! Looking forward to your words!

Nope, still crickets…

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Double bugger… me wants new hotas… (plus motorbike but I am guessing a hotas is going to be easier to slide past the missus)…

I guess, I am going to have to bite the bullet and spend more for some warthoggery

Well, supposedly, the unit was supposed to ship, yesterday. Film at eleven…

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About bloody time!

I hope the craftmanship is better than the delvery. Can’t wait for an honest review with thoughts on internals

Nice! Do we get an unboxing video?


If I weren’t so crappy of a narrator, yes. But alas, I suck as a narrator so, you’ll have to put up with the written word/s. Sorry.

Well, here it is…