New Sub-Forums / Categories Time Yet?

We’re getting a bit busier around here, and I hope everyone is enjoying the tiny forum. It’s probably overdue that we work out what to do next in terms of organizing some sub-forums (called ‘categories’ in Discourse software speak). The original ones are doing ok, but it’s always good to review.

Here’s some ideas, but wanted to get some feedback and other (better) ideas:

  • Leave them alone Frog, why must you keep meddling, you fool?
  • New ‘Sci-Fi & Space’ forum for space games (Elite, Star Citizen, N1024 other space games coming out)?
  • New ‘Hardware & Peripherals’ forum for chunks of black plastic etc? Good for ‘my PC is on fire?’ Q&A stuff too.
  • Specific sim sub-forums (DCS, ARMA, IL2, XP, FSX etc)? (I don’t like this one, but it’s an option)
  • Some other things a bit weirder and less computery, like Movies or Books?
  • Your ideas all suck, and I’ve left a comment with better ones.

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If anyone has any great passion/anger/apathy in these or others then let us know.

The topics here do not seem to be getting to confusing or cluttered. It might be an option to revisit this down the road (obviously).


No change yet. But i did vote for each one since it said I could chose up to six options.

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The thinking about a new one like Sci-Fi or Books place wasn’t so much about organizing what we have but would be on the off-chance that people that don’t like to post will get tempted to join in with something new, i.e. from lurker to poster :smile:

At the moment we have about 200 people reading @BeachAV8R’s latest article and will get tens of thousands turning up on a day like today (not a usual one though). Most people just pop-in and read here, which is cool (pay is the same regardless). My theory was that if I posted a ‘Why Iain M Banks Was Wrong (gargle)!’ in a Books section then at least someone couldn’t resist replying. :frog:

That said, too many buttons and doohickeys etc ain’t good either.

EDIT: Also, about 25% of this was my desire to see how multi-choice forums work in posts.

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I voted for the Dynamic Campaign. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll put you down for Sci-Fi then. :dog:

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I was hoping for my own section… maybe next time.


I’ll put you down for ‘Some other things a bit weirder…’ then. :cat:


Luckily I voted for that option then :smile:

We got some recent new members due to the fly-in etc, so I’ll leave this running for a bit more. I’m getting some stuff/research together for a Star Citizen article (product skus that require six venn diagrams so far…), so the scifi-space category might be a good fit for that.


So you are saying the SiThSpAwN section could still happen… great :wink:

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