New Thrustmaster TCA Line

Thrustmaster Civil Aviation line of products for Civilian Sims

I’m guessing the internals are common with the T16000m line.

The throttle quadrant and and the add-on flaps/brakes are interesting…


The throttle looks hella interesting. The way it can be extended is very nice.

Still, not replacing my warthog throttle unit with it.

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Oh dear…

Good to see some new products! Not my cup of tea, but should sell like hotcakes to the Airbus simmers.


Its when you take your lunchbreak in a park. You take a park break. Very common in France, so of course it has a button on an Airbus panel.


These homonyms are getting out of control.


Just because the word sounds right and is spelled right doesn’t mean it’s right!


I was really pleased with the 16000 internals, the x/y axis uses the higher end magnetic sensors. The twist axis doesn’t though and both the sticks I went through had issues where eventually the twist axis went out. Very precise movements other than that.

So the Airbus flightstick has a trigger? Wonder what that does?-)

PTT :slight_smile:

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Gimme a brake man, I been batin’ samsights all day man!


What happened? The video ended before they showed the Boeing controllers! :frowning_face:


There’s some skepticism as to whether or not the 737MAX branded controllers would work properly, owing to faulty AP override buttons. For the KC-46 branded ones, they had issues with the controls not working at certain times of day in certain lighting conditions. Boei- err, Thrustmaster is concerned about eating the contract cost in these instances.


You really need to put a “:wink:” at the end of posts like that for people like me who are only marginally familiar wit the 737 MAX issues.

I mean I want to say LOL but I’m not absolutely sure it is a joke. If it is…um…LOL!

They want a piece of the MSFS2020 action. When I read “unlimited lifespan”, though :roll_eyes:


If it has “Boeing” in the name, then chances are it’s a joke.

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Sounds like a car’s unlimited mileage warranty (or 3 years, whichever occurs first). :rofl:

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Get a regular mail shot from all the usual sites to help keep on top of things, this one was from … a sort of preview of a new Thrustmaster line of flight sim controllers, Airbus side stick wise!

Looks a bit arcade to me, oh I dunno, LOL. Hope TM are not going to stop producing high end PC military flight controllers, even if they branched into Civ high end controllers that would be fine with me so long as it was affordable as Honeycomb seem to be doing with their yoke.

Airbus sidestick and dual throttle (that looks distinctly arcade to me with twist grip?) might be forthcoming from Thrustmaster?

Have a look.

And this is source, from Thrustmaster’s own site.

To, to my eye it looks like the stick is a T1600 with a new grip. This controller actually gets pretty decent reviews as a low to mid range stick. It has Hall effect sensors for example, and pretty much the same gimbal as the Warthog (from what I have read). So the Airbus stick might be pretty decent. The Throttle quadrant looks pretty good to me, with thrust reverser levers and the ability to mount two side by side for 4 engine aircraft. TOGA buttons are a nice touch too, as are the engine run switches.
With more GA aircraft going the sidestick route as well as modern airliners and business jets, I think there is definitely a place for this gear. As far as twist grips are concerned, I think it is a good compromise. If you don’t have pedals then you now have a rudder axis of course, but if you do have pedals, you could use the twist action as a tiller.


Never owned a TM T1600, but heard it was a decent grip for folk new to FS. twist grip n all.

Just noticed the projected prices, much much cheaper than what we pay for current high end Thrustmaster grips, throttle and pedals … I just wonder where they think they will find low end (and I’m not being snobby) sim Airbus users from? Most new sim users want to try military stuff first, then gravitate to more serious Civ flight sim … unless its from a potential tie in with forthcoming MS FS2020?

I’m with you tho, PaulRix, anything new or that is helpful in getting new folk into the hobby is good.

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If it actually moved with the wonderful fluidity of the Airbus SSC, that would be worth considering. Although it would also need to be bolted down. Otherwise…pointless imo. But, as others have said, if it brings new people into the hobby, all the better.

(And now that I am back in the seven-three :neutral_face:… Max jokes are not allowed.)

Kidddding! Of course they are!

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