New to the "new" FSX

So I just downloaded FSX :SE and have been farting around in it. I dabbled in general aviation simming when I was younger (FS 2004 and the initial release of FSX) but that was right after highschool and I had other priorities…Now, DCS and the like have rekindled my interest in flying and I actually have the patience to figure it all out now.

My buddy who flies in FSX suckered me into the Aerosoft airbus, so I’ve been fiddling with that, and its been fun, but my real interest is small GA stuff and bush/backcountry flying. I saw that great review of the Air Alaska missions from Take Flight on this site, and that really piqued my interest, but sadly its not compatible with SE.

So for all you FSX guys out there, are there any higly recommended missions/aircraft/dlc that sort of fit my interests? Also, what would you say your must have, cant live without mods are? Ie already been drooling over Orbx stuff, but the price tag is rapidliy increasing the more research i do…

Personal preference on mods, but I’d highly recommend a weather add on. I currently use active sky next, with Rex before that, and both are excellent.

Orbx global is a pretty good starting point for terrain and, in my opinion, the 3D night lighting it comes with almost makes it worth the buy itself.

For GA aircraft, take a look at A2A C172 or, for something faster, take a look at Carenado’s aircraft.

I don’t know for sure (as in if it is the exact same one?) so do have a look around, but isn’t the Air Alaska available for the FSX Steam Edition here?

Secret Hint: Steam Sales start ~Nov 25th.

Well dang. Guess thats what I get for not doing research. I blame mudspike for being so damn appealing that I didnt bother to look elswhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

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