New VA in Air Hauler 2 with the intention of focusing on bush flying and community building

Hey mudspikers,

I hope a tiny shameless plug is allowed. If not, then please accept my apologies and delete the thread. With that out of the way here goes;

Currently I am bound to bed with flu-like symptoms and I wanted to focus my energy on something fun so I had been thinking about something like a VA, but not actually flying the airliners from A to B like VA’s tend to do.
More something along the lines of what you can do in the likes of Neofly and Skypark; remote location / bush flying.
Now, Air Hauler 2 offers the option to create a Virtual Airline which pretty much opens up all that AH2 has to offer, but then enabling multiplayer (but you guys already knew that from the AH2 MAD VA I presume).
At first I saw AH2 as more of an airliners career tool, but I’ve come to find that it actually does a very decent job as well on a much smaller scale.

Hence I’ve opened a base on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and the goal is to focus on remote flying / living out the bush pilot fantasy.

Now, this is not to say you can’t fly the long haul stretches in the big jets! Actually, it would help very much if pilots are still interested to do this as well, as AH2 tracks where you have been over the world and adjusts NPC, Reputation, Missions and Job generation on it. Besides, the longer haul jobs usually offer big rewards, so they are pretty lucrative.
But I, like many out there, enjoy flying into the more remote places out planet has to offer. I fly into the main airports for my job already, so that’s not really where my fun in simulation lies.

Still, by cooperating we could create something nice and perhaps restart a multiplayer Air Hauler 2 effort with likeminded people.

Personally I fly MSFS, but I believe the VA system in AH2 works across sims.
Look up Digital Nomads Aviation -DNA- on the VA recruitment board or shoot me message when you want to join.

This might be a dud, or it might be the start of something cool. :slight_smile:


Normally only outrageously large and shameless plugs are allowed, but exceptions are made all the time :wink:

Sounds like fun!


Spent years Air Haulering around PNG (and have hundreds of nice screenshots to show for it) but I really don’t like AH2 - never have, though I have versions of it for all sims and have tried to get to like it many times since EA and failed every time.

Since Neofly now has multiplayer (in NF4 EA though) I would be interested in doing that, but would have to think long and hard about AH2 based operations.

I actually just opened my first Neofly company in PNG - been doing Crete and mostly NZ up to now. Should be fun in 2020 and VR.

I thought I saw a multi option when I opened up the latest version of NF which I just dusted off after quite some time.

I’m out of pocket for awhile and have never played any version of AH, but this could be fun. :+1:t2:

AH was my favorite add-on for MSFS; gave me a, umm, purpose, to the time spent.: “You need to move X pounds of freight from KABC to KEFG…”.

You could 've written a program similar in a week - the concept is so simple - but the AH dev went way beyond that.


Neofly is without a doubt a great product as well. I didn’t realise it also has multiplayer functionality now.

AH2 offers a lot more detail in what you can do, management wise, though. Setting up your own production chains and passenger routes is fun, but in the end its just pushing artificial numbers. I guess the two programs are not that different in the end.

I am not insisting on AH2, however. If we can get a Mudspike crew going in Neofly I would think that’s pretty fun as well!

How would we go about setting up a ‘VA’ in there?

Ok, I’ve looking into it, but the mutiplayer portion of Neofly is not anything like a VA. It’s ad-hoc server based, meaning the host will setup a server for a specific job or multiplayer session, so you can fly with your friends and distribute the cargo/passenger load between participants.

The beauty of AH2 in this regard is that the VA functionality functions like a permanently hosted entity where people can fly jobs, haul comodities or stock factories in their own time, regardless of others being online.

I don’t think there is another tool (save for FSEconomy) that offers this multiplayer functionality to build up something together over time.

Yes he definitely did. The reputation system, the mission system and the way you can even construct your own aircraft over time is a fun element of AH2.
I do think many people nowadays will be scared off by its ‘Spreadsheet Looks’, though.

A more modern UI with more colour, stylised icons and pictures/graphics would do the tool a service if the dev wants to expand its userbase.


Well, like I said, I don’t have much availability in the next few months.

But, if this gets some traction by then, I’ll hop on the AH bandwagon and contribute!

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no need to program, how about some ‘board game’? the rules are simple. we will decide who will do what in the VA and we can use some online doc to track the progress.

all we need is sim of our choice :slight_smile:

and first job for anyone interested :slight_smile:

Port Moresby to Giura

10k gold

and what will be the first cargo? its going to be 500lb of the legendary … SHRIMPS :shrimp: :smile: