New WW1 game out today Isonzo, the 3rd in the Tannenburg and Verdan series

My most anticipated shooter of the year is out today. WW1 Isonzo. Will be broadcasting a 1st look of both the Xbox Series X and PC version today around 1 PM Eastern at:

If anyone might be interested in the game. Can watch live or later to hit the highlights.

OH, be warned… I suck, and cuss a lot. For non-sensitive adults only. lol


sadly because is not fantasy, or with german ww2 or with modern weapons it will die soon as all other ww1 games. WW1 never appealed the PC gaming generations and more time pass less the appeal.
For me I like as much ww1 as ww2 shooters, specially the realistic (non-arcadish) ones, but sadly as a PvP only games + WW1 = dying fast.

By the way, i saw that it have singleplayer, how it is? what game modes? the replayability?
I not count with PvP because soon will have almost no one playing it, so i care more about SP in this ww1 games.

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Ya, that’s always been an issue… especially the console version. Tannenburg and Verdan never had more than a dozen players on at a time. Just slightly better on PC. The just released Beyond the wire on PC already has a dying base.

Right now, Isonzo has a really nice player base for both console and PC and it’s getting great reviews except for the many crashes and new game bugs… so here’s to hoping.

Offline mode just gives you AI to fill your team and the enemy team, works good except you’ll play better because AI is stupid and stands up to be shot. lol BUT those games don’t count on your stats so can’t just play offline and unlock stuff.

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Is there an offline campaign?
I don’t love online gaming except for well organized Flight Sim coop missions

Well, there is not online or offline campaign… it’s a series of real-world battles, at real world locations. force on force, BUT, there is an offline mode where you can play the battles with an AI filled team and an AI filled enemy… BUT you don’t get XP and unlocks in that mode.