New X-Plane Essentials?

Guys, still need to know if the above is corect - with regards what the tools does and the order of instalation.

Downloading the default XP Europe scenery now.
I will definitively check the default scenery first, then I will start to apply this scenery additions so I would like to do it corectly :slight_smile:

Yes…I have mine in order:

Custom Airfields
Photo Scenery

And by the way - this tool does a pretty good job at helping you keep your scenery.ini in order:

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@Maico I would start reading here. I did the same when I began with XP. Many useful info in this thread and you will realize that many sceneries and weathers are free.
Later I will post something also anout my xp setup.

Thank you Nevo. Good advice

Hi, team.

A little bump, as there’s a bit of water under the bridge since we chatted here and by the sound of things the add-ons do evolve quite a bit over time.

I’m wondering about weather addons, both to add more realistic conditions and to make things prettier. What do you guys use nowadays? Paging @PaulRix at least…

On another note I am currently downloading Lyndiman’s New Zealand Ortho packages from here:

Apparently that’s the best set for NZ - once I’ve got it running I’ll post some shots.

Interestingly, it looks as though only some of my UHD meshes are working, according to xOrganiser:

It is strange, since I’m sure I downloaded the lot and they all appear to be in the Earth nav data folder.

My current weather setup is Active Sky coupled with UltraWeather XP . I’m pretty happy with Active Sky so far. :heart_eyes:


Another happy Active Sky XP user, with the optional replacement textures and no other enhancements. Hopefully, they will release CloudArt (ASCA) for X-Plane. Those texture replacements are amazing in P3D.

Active Sky XP is pretty amazing with all of the useful features. WX updates fast too.

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Guys, do you use any current custom nav data for your civi sim of choice ? I am coming across these changed airport names and codes very often in xplane.

Like I plan my flight at but have problem to find the same ICAO code in xplane as it has obsolete nav database I assume.

I use my skydemon account for vfr flight. Especially local stuff. It works really well to be honest and adds a nice layer to sim flying that helps me in the real world

Like you output xplane data to SkyDemon via wifi ?
I have Garmin aera 660 and there is possibility to connect it via RS232 to PC and use it to read xplane data but didnt try that yet.

But wondering if anyone is using something like aerosoft product or navigraph or is there anything free to update xplane obsolete nav data?

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Yep. Just pop the devices ip address running skydemon into x plane and it works beautifully.

Skydemon has tonnes of features that I use in the real world and use to practise in the virtual one. For VFR flight its invaluable

SkyDemon is realy great. Used it in the past few times.

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