New X-Plane weather engine - "Connector" enchanced SkyMaxx Pro

You can read all about it here:

So the gist of it is this - if you used SkyMaxx Pro to this point, you would often see a frustrating phenomenon as you flew from one area to another. Basically SkyMaxx Pro was reading the METARs along the route you were flying, and would adjust the weather conditions to match. Unfortunately, this can often lead to abrupt and stark weather changes. Let’s say you were flying along and the METAR at the airport below you was reading 200 broken, 2 miles vis…and you fly 10 miles, and the next METAR was out of the cloud bank or something and reads ceiling and visibility unlimited. Well, the weather would instantly “snap” to that clear condition…without any transition, or any “seeing” the changes coming through the front windscreen.

Well, this “Connector” plug-in apparently reads a larger number of METAR “grids” and somehow blends them together into a more seamless weather presentation.

The pictures in that thread are horrible though…I honestly don’t know why they showed them other than to point out that the differing areas of the sky had different cloud densities. An improvement…but why show such awful clouds…?

Also, this will be a pay for utility that adds the feature to SkyMaxx Pro v3. I dunno about that…paying more money for something I already paid for…or well, a feature that would have been nice to have already been included anyway. You won’t be able to just buy the Connector…you have to either already have SkyMaxx Pro v3 or buy it new. For those of us that bought v2 and v3 of SkyMaxx Pro…I think it should be just added into our installs personally. Yeah, I know, they gotta pay the bills too…I get it. Until I see more compelling screens and videos though…I’m not signing up just yet.

No price point has been announced.