New year, new icons

Hello there @staff ,
I was thinking to develop a few new icons - especially one that shows there are new messages in the chat.

Is there a way to download official ones to modify?

Is there any other icon you guys need?
No, @Bogusheadbox, no more F111 icons.
Other ones.

Many thanks.


Thanks @komemiute! I’ll have a think.

Our icons are generally scalable vector fonts, so they work at any resolution, and usually are from something like (at it’s MIT license friendly).

The chat is in a bit of limbo, in that highlighting it when anyone says anything (like it used to) is useful but slows down the front-page of the forum a bit. I’ll have a good look at it next week to see what I can do to improve that. I think it should highlight if anyone mentions your name explicitly though.

For emoticons or emoji, we can use any jpg/gif you can supply and I’ll happily set them up. They do need to scale down to 20x20 size, but you can convey quite a lot in that :slight_smile: :jenneke:


A workaround for the chat icon might be to set a ‘watch’ on the Chat thread, i.e. go here:

and then set the tracking option (at the bottom of the topic) to ‘Watching’. Worth a go at least :slight_smile:

Is the slow down due to check/refresh rate?
If so, can it be slowed down to one check per 5 minutes or even longer?

We’re not really trying to make it the new Whatsapp after all, just give a rough idea if there’s something going on …
About the rest, ok for me- should I create something, can I submit it to someone before showing it the plebe? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I’m going to use this thread, if it’s cool.

The workaround works :slight_smile: New year, new icons - #3 by fearlessfrog

In the meanwhile, I changed my icon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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