NEWB question - How to bind buttons on Virpil VFX Grip

Hello fellas,

So finally home from overseas and I been setting up everything. Got the V.F.X. grip configured. looking good. My question is how do I bind the buttons and the weapons selector? Do I do that in the Virpil Software as well or can I do that in DCS with the F-14 Module?

Should be able to do that within the module bindings itself.

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roger that. Thanks!

Ueah, just map it in DCS, like any other controller.

So…I tried that last night. Under DCS a host of button designators showed up. I tried a few of them to map the trigger button but none worked. Its like 11 or 12 button designators(my term). How would I know which one to use?

I’m a bit lost… Do you mean under the stick’s control column itself or something else?

sorry…yes…under the control column. So DCS is reading the stick because its listing the buttons and I’ve done the axis already; they are working fine.

If it’s the weapon fire trigger, then it should be as simple as selecting weapon fire from the available controls in the column for your stick, then click “add” at the bottom, then press your stick trigger to bind it.

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Ureka! ok…I was doing it wrong. I was adding the buttons without using the trigger or various other buttons, expecting to see some motion like when binding the axis. What you said is spot on and yes…simple. LOL Many thanks