Newbie hardware issues

Hi guys,

Hoping someone might be able to provide some info please?

My younger brother built my desktop from scratch (has all the good gear in it) and he convinced me to buyn an upgraded monitor to what I was using. So, I bought a Gibabyte M28U 4K monitor which was just delivered. My younger brother is no longer with us and I don’t know anyone who has his knowledge (I’m useless…). Can I just unplug the current monitor and plug in the new one? I havent unpacked this, in case its suggested to “go hire a local computer guy to help.”
I’m using this primarily for DCS. I’ve bought a few modern jets, Huey, KA50 & Hind and have only been mucking around on the A10C, doing the tutorials and following Mudspike vids. I’m also waiting on a printer to sort all the Chucky guides. I’ve got the Trustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Pedals from Logic (thinking about the steel Thrusmuster) and looking at buying the Winwing chopper collective/throttle plus the appropriate throttle and grips for the modern jets too.
Thanks for any tips, but, should I have a computer dude instal the monitor or is it “plugnplay” type.

Thanks & best regards to all.


Hey @Bluerob and welcome to Mudspike :mudspike:

Switching monitors is pretty much plug and play. Power off everything first.

When starting the computer with the new monitor you may have to change the desktop resolution by right clicking on the desktop and selecting display properties.


Hi mate

Many thanks for your reply.

Ok, I’ll give it a go and see what happens. I’ll read through whatever manual is included also.


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Hey @Bluerob !

First of all welcome here! We’re mostly a friendly bunch and you’ll find all the answers you need, hopefully. :wink:

Yes the monitor can usually be unplugged and replugged without any fear. :slight_smile:
As a side note - don’t ever say you’re useless.

We all have our area of expertise and it’s also been a tough couple of years- so let’s all go easy on ourselves.
Take care and hope to see you around.
As a DCS Huey virtual pilot I can’t wait to share the virtual sky with my fellow players. :+1:


Welcome to Mudspike! Let us know how you get on with your monitor, should work out just fine!

Welcome to Mudspike!

Monitors, mice, and keyboards are about the only truly plug-and-play devices out there and usually just “work”.

The only trick with a monitor could be on the monitor itself–if its default connection is say HDMI and you’re connecting with a DisplayPort cable, or vice versa, you could get an unhelpful “no signal detected” on the screen. They will have buttons using some configuration or other that will allow you to change the input from one to another, so if you’re uncertain which one you have just try them one at a time until you find one that gives you a picture.

Ok, thanks heaps for your reply. I’ll give it a go.

Cheers mate!!

Than you for the welcome. I’ve been loitering on this site for a few years. I have a few health dramas that knock me about which slows me down on time spent in the chair (multiple spinal surgeries) and I’m trying to learn the A10C 1st. Been told that’s not the smartest thing to do, but, I love a serious challenge…

I’ve got a printer printing out the various Chucky guides. At $1.00 per page, doing it home becomes a bit expensive…

Thanks again.


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Cheers mate. Thanks for the welcome.

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Personally, I’ve got Chuck’s guides DL’d to my 10" Amazon Kindle Fire and then I can flip thru them while I’m in the pit.
I didn’t get the Fire for this purpose, but I find it very useful in this role!

Mate, I’m from the old days and old style books are my preference. I’m trying to learn the A10C watching vids on a tablet whilst flying, but, the books I prefer. Thanks heaps for your tip though!!

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Bluerob, the training missions are a good way to learn some stuff on the A-10C… how I learned alot of it.

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Believe me, I get it! I find flipping through paper pages easier (random access vs sequential access) too.

As you mentioned the cost and there are a lot of pages to print (plus they don’t last forever unless you can laminate them and place them in a binder, increasing the cost, AND future updates may result in Chuck revising the guide making the pages outdated requiring printing them AGAIN…$ upon $ upon $) I just put forward what I found to be a cheaper solution…although buying a tablet solely for this purpose is NOT cheaper…but if you already had one for another reason? :slight_smile:


Another overlooked advantage of manuals on a tablet is that they are searchable…

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Many thanks for your advice. I’ll probably revert to using a tablet as you’ve mentioned.

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Cheers. I have been doing a few of those. I’m not spending enough time in the chair at the moment as medical drama has become worse over the last few days. I’m back to watching guys like Ralfidude and his cohorts on YouTube.

Thanks again for your message.

Thanks for your message. I did just “plugnplay” and the difference is remarkable. I was thinking about VR goggles instead, but, younger brother said to go the 4K monitor 1st and wait for VR to get better. Thanks again!