Next Car Game - Wreckfest

Anyone play it ?
It’s relaxing :blush:

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I swear to the SimGods- You could make ANY game look amazing.
You really take some screenshots, I can’t even…

That (poorly) said I do play BeamNG in fact, which while not graphically on par it has IIRC the same type of tech that allows real time deformation for the car body.

Admittedly, this does look more like a proper game whereas BeamNG is more of a tech showcase with some gameplay bolted on top.

EDIT: these screenshots make me really want a Blues Brothers car chase game. Or any '70/'80 Car show game.
Just look at those cars…

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I was a early adopter of the game, but have had it un-installed for a very long time as i feared development stopped. Apparently its had a recent patch. How is it after patch, more content?

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How does it compare to Destruction Derby? :smiley:

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I got BeamNG too, the gameplay is indeed more fleshed out in Wreckfest.
I’d say deformation are a notch under BeamNG but it still leads to interesting results :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I’ve seen it all but there’s around a dozen cars and tracks (some are still wip).
The splash screen at the beginning of the game still indicates “Pre-Alpha” but there’s enough content to have some fun.

Ahah, I remember playing DD on Playstation 1 :smile:
This one is made by Bugbear, they did the flatout serie. Slighty more realistic but the core of the gameplay is very much the same.

What I like about wreckfest is the variety in tracks type. Some I clearly made for destruction but others are quite technical. The physics is also really nice, cars have a nice feel to them. I wouldn’t call it a sim but I wouldn’t call it arcade either. Must be fun in MP