Next Level Racing Releases Flight Simulator Lite

This is actually very interesting for me. I have a throttle and etc. that I essentially never use because setting it all up and then taking it all down again is such a chore…


It’s not a terrible idea and looks pretty good - a sort of high tech deck chair. All the metal bar bits etc probably make it better than anything I could build (and bear in mind I once hired someone to change a lightbulb (it was 30 feet up, but still)).


I have the Next Level F1-GT Lite foldable cockpit for my sim racing needs. It’s very well engineered and reasonably well made for the price. The folding cockpits will never be as sturdy as the fixed ones, but I actually prefer that because the wheel force feedback translates through the frame of the cockpit and increases immersion (or whatever :rofl:).

If this had been available when I got the F1-GT Lite then I’d probably have gone for this instead for the benefit of having plates on both the left and right side - the F1-GT Lite has a small plate for a shifter but you have to pick left or right hand side for it.

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“Dude. That’s some next level sh…!”


“Ugg. More Next Level sh…”

Works both ways. That’s some solid branding there.