Next Q&A with ED

You can submit your ideas for the next Q&A here or in the thread at the official forums here:

Who would you like to ask questions with at ED, and/or what subject would you like to hear answers on?

If you missed the first Q&A, you can find the answers here:




\end cough
I mean , they did an aussie skin for the f-18, just need to stretch it a bit… right?


I wish I could think of things that have not been asked a dozen (or more) times. Not complaining about anything more than my lack of creativity. :slight_smile:

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Same here. ED seems to me to have come along way since I started in DCS in the PR department. They are even asking who we would like to talk to. In recent months Wags and team have been very forthcoming with not only pipeline products but also things that they want to do in a perfect world cough DC cough. Hopefully people will understand the difference.


MP question: I would like to know if we will see in near future the change in ‘Select Role’ server interface? I mean is there plan to change the ‘excel’ like interface of roles selection ( = aircraft and airport ) to something more visually clear? I would like to see e.g. map with available airfields, with clear front line etc. thx

I am wondering what the roadmap is for weapon effectiveness, there often appears to be no area effect on weapons. Is this considered a problem and if so what’s the goal.

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Splash damage is being looked at worked on as stated in one of the first newsletters from this year. There is splash damage, just needs some tweaking or improvements.

explosions with improved proximity damage

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