Nice DCS Gazelle review in PC Pilot

@BeachAV8R : Nice write up Chris. I just purchased this module and it is a lot of fun to fly. The systems are easy to learn, and it is a joy to fly (very responsive controls). You have to plan your attacks carefully making full use of cover.

Back in the early 90’s I was lucky enough to be offered a ride in a British Army Gazelle during an anti-armor training sortie. We spent about 90 minutes hiding behind trees and ridge lines while the trainee observer learned about spotting suitable ambush sites. Very neat experience, which left me feeling rather queezy. Fun times :wink:

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Thanks for the kind words @PaulRix - that was a fun article to write. I got lucky and they released the “L” version right before the article deadline, so that was some fun additional content.

I have no excuse really…but I’ve still never been in a helicopter. I’ve worked at an outfit for 18 years that has helicopters all over and I still haven’t hopped a ride (and they will allow us to ridealong whenever). I really need to set aside some time and do it.