Nice video for tail-dragger pilots

This is a great video demonstrating why taildraggers want to ground loop on you…


If the tailwheel wants to be out front then maybe it should be put there in the first place :wink: .


Cool video. :sunglasses:


Pro tip: don’t call a person who is good at landing taildraggers a drag queen or drag king. :smile:


So, monsters are involved, after all…!
I always had the feeling. :fearful:


Some of his videos I like. Others I find sorta meh. I was expecting this one to be Uber-meh. But that little demo he did with the model on the treadmill was superb. For the record, I find myself in a low-speed ground loop about twice a year. So far they have all been at too slow a speed to cause anything more than mild embarrassment and generally happened when I unlocked the tailwheel in a wind.

Some planes are worse than others.


It actually made me more cognoscente cognizant of how I will load my little kayak travel trailer in the future. I’ve always been sort of “just throw them on there” when loading it…and to this point have never had a problem with it, but now I can see that having the weight too far behind the axle could easily set up an oscillation that could be disastrous.


I thought you’d misspelled “conscientious”. Then I looked it up. It’s a real word I had never heard before. Cool.


LOL at @smokinhole - actually it was a misspelling of “cognizant” - so we both learned a new word today!


Right there, at 4:16, what nearly made me join the first group, LOL!

Good to revisit the concepts! Have not been near a tail wheel for more than two and a half decades now…

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When he talks about his first tailwheel take off - tail up, swing to the left, instructor taking over, almost wrecked the Kitfox…

Exactly what I went through during my first take off in a tailwheel, only I was swinging to the right (counter-clockwise rotating engine) before my instructor saved the day :crazy_face:

Yep. Me too. Well, except I was darting left.

Hey that video was great. I flew a Cessna 185 for a couple of summers at a parachute club here in York, PA. I was always trying to do wheel landings but was not very good at it. When I got the main wheels on the ground I would just cut the power and pull the yoke back and put the tail wheel on the ground so I wouldnt end up in a ground loop situation. Great video.

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I’m embarrassed to a admit I have exactly one flight in a tailwheel aircraft. A J-3 that a fellow pilot had bought. It was great until he started doing wingovers and I was looking at that 60 year old spar above my head and started muttering prayers to Gods I didn’t even know existed.

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Always remember this quote when someone mentions the cub.

The Piper Cub is the safest airplane in the world; …it can just barely kill you.

                 (Attributed to Max Stanley, Northrop test pilot)



Extremely accurate, Cheers

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