Night lighting in dcs

Hope that we get offical word someday.

But now it seems that EDGE cant just make realistic night lighting.

Anyone here noticed that nights are bit “dark” in wrong way?

Everytime I read a single thread on that forum I leave so depressed. I’ve tried numerous times to use it for a bit of light reading and it’s just so… Bleak and miserable.

Sorry for changing the subject its just such a shame.

I did Think Vegas looked a little dark to be honest but it really wasn’t going to ruin my day.

I’ve said it a few times before but @NineLine has a very very difficult job. All credit to him for trying to manage that ‘community’


Im far from kids … But i have two kids :smiley:

And i dont want it right now, but night lighting is been like that since lock on. Runways , etc lights wont be visible far away. .

So yes , for me and maybe others that fly LOT of night operations these things are important.

And if there is overcast or no full moon at night → pich black thats ok but lights wont be visual far away… not good :smiley:

And this is just my 2 cents , dont take it personal level.

Keep the personal comments out of it, gents.
And, I really don’t see what good it does, linking a ED forum quarrel in here.
I just don’t see the benefit. If you want to argue your points about this, do so in that thread, at that site.

Locking this.