Night ops, TID is not showing radar infomation

Flying Fear the Bones Mission 5, and while setting up for some bandits, can’t get my TID to show target info. What have I done wrong? HUD is in A/A mode, Master Arm on, AIM-54 selected. It’s 2 against 8 in the dark, and I’d really like to reduce these bad dudes before the merge. Thanks :woozy_face:

That’s an odd screen. Full INS Alignment? Well wait, of course you did. I got nothing. Night obviously makes no difference with these things. But I do know that it is something simple. I relearned the M2000 and have forgotten much of last month’s “mastery” of the Tomcat.

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That’s what I’m thinking. We had a slow start off the boat, because finding a crew to shoot us in the dark was a cluster. We taxied around the dark deck begging for a launch. It was like the yellow shirts conspired against us.

Once off the boat, everything is even more dark. No it’s black. As one guy said on coms. “It’s like flying inside a basketball.” We get through the departure profile and then make it to WP 1. Then we are sent to lock up a pair of MiGs coming toward us, but then thy go cold. So we are sent back to anchor over WP1 again and hear a Hornet flight being vectored to attack a Russian DD. A couple of popup groups go after the Hornets and we are sent to intercept. That’s when I notice the TID. At times like this, I wish that I knew how to just have Jester do the shooting. Can he can do that? Will study some tonight.

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