No LAN cable input?

Alright. Got a dumb question here. I was trying to plug my laptop into my home network via direct LAN cable, and I realize my laptop doesn’t have a traditional LAN input. What am I supposed to do for a “hard” connection? It looks like all I have are USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and an HDMI?

If wireless isn’t cutting it then a USB to RJ45 adapter should be about $10 and will work well. If you have a Gigabit network then worth spending a bit more for a USB 3.0 dongle.

No idea if this is a good quality one but they look like this:


Yeah…I was looking at installing Aerofly 2FS on my laptop…and uh…135GB or something over my WiFi would be like two days…

Maybe that is an experiment that can wait. I wonder, can I just copy that Steam directory from my desktop to my USB 3.0 drive and then plug it in to my laptop? Or will that not work?

Yes, that will work.


Steam backup/restore works well to/from a USB drive.

If doing it without that it’s worth starting the download on the laptop, pausing it after it allocates space, shut down steam, copy files and then when steam restarts the progress will leap up to 99% and it will still do the game specific post install steps.


Ah yes…showing only an hour to do the copy/paste after the file allocation… Yay! Probably just an experiment anyway, don’t know that my laptop has the chops to run AeroFly…but I wanna check.

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