No Leatherneck announcement this month

Looks like Leatherneck is delayed again:

I cant wait to see what these guys are cooking up. I hope they are able to show us next month.

Yeah - I’m fine with waiting. I mean, it’s not like there’s nothing else to do in DCS World…


Honestly Im cool with no announcement. We got the Mirage coming up and the NTTR. So as @BeachAV8R said plenty to do in DCS.

With the quality of the Mig-21. I have full confidence in LN.

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Plus, this gives us more time to speculate! So, how awesome would an F-111 be? Especially if they use the work they’re doing towards the Tomcat/ Phoenix/ AWG-9 to create a “what if” F-111B?

@Navynuke99 - An F-111, Tornado, or AV-8B and I might never load another DCS module again. (That is a lie of course…)

We seriously need more fast mud movers. It’s all I’ve wanted since the Lock On days.

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F-111 would be great!! However with the implementation of multi player cockpits. I want to see a B-1.

Part of me wants to see a cargo plane as well…

Cough cough INTRUDER cough cough

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That would be a great addition to the carrier fleet.

Honestly this would be awesome. We dont have too many western SEAD A/C.

I believe that one of them is going to be the F-104G. Why I think the Zipper -

Good match for the MiG-21
LN experience with the blown flaps bleed air system from the 21
104G was used by several European operators, particularly the Luftwaffe
G’s radar has a ground mapping mode and LN said they were working on this
Has ground and sea strike capability
I really want them to

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@Navynuke99 Oh yeah…and then there’s that… :smiley:

Im going to help you guys out…I m going to say it will be two jets from this list… :wink:

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That looks like the list of aircraft VEAO is going to do… :wink:


Gripen or Vigen!

And I am happy to wait. Things take time. Time makes things better. Hmm… scotch…

I think the F-104 would be a great addition to DCS. Especially if there was a Fulda type European map for some cold war action.

I love the F-104…but as an A2G guy, it doesn’t really appeal all that much to me (yeah, I know it can do A2G, but I’d love a bomb hauler). To me - the logical adversary for the MiG-21 is (of course), the F-4 Phantom. That would be nice because you could have A2A, A2G, and naval variants. Something for all of us! If they get multicrew squared away anyway…

Now…an NF-104 over Nevada…if they could bump the scenery down to Edwards…oooh…yeah…

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Hi Fellas,
The 104 is one of my favorite aircraft but I thinks it will be outclassed by the Fishbed. The adition of the F-5 is brilliant and our hearts pound for the Tomcat. What we need (ok, I need) is a F-8 Crusader. The MiG-17/19 or 23 would also be nice. The '23 makes most sense as it will have the most value. Its been around since … forever.
F-4 is another aircraft that would add a lot of historical value. I just don’t like flying bricks lol. So that is my verdict. 104, F8 or one of the older MiGs.
Vigens Rock! But never used in combat and limited interest… But then again we have a C-101 witch means…ANYTHING can happen.

Good day.

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All this talk of an f111 and i missed it arrrrrrrrgggghhh