No Plan B - neat little tactical game

One for @Magnum50 :sunglasses:

It’s fun…and all about the planning. You create the plan in a training environment (kill house?)… and then when you are happy with it, you let your team off the leash. Once the action starts, you have no control, so the your planning needs to be thorough and well co-ordinated. The campaign is quite unforgiving… at least from what I can see, there are no do-overs once you sign off on your mission plan.

This is one of the campaign missions… Here we are at the training site ready to plan the mission.
You can see my troops stood to the left. The red skull on the floor shows that I carelessly got one of my guys killed in the previous mission. Three also show they are fatigued and there are some injuries too.
The objective is to secure the intel that will be located in the green zones.

Arming screen. This is done for each trooper as they are assigned a start position (the orange circles on the planning screen).

This is the aftermath… mission complete. The plan shows one trooper sweeping the outside, taking out Tango’s through the window. This is timed to co-incide with the other two entering the building on the opposite side. they tossed in a couple of flashbangs and one of them secured the intel in the room to the right… The outside trooper circled the building before entering and, with the help of his buddy, procceeded to the intel at the other end of the building.

When it’s all over you can watch the replay from different angles. I haven’t explored that much yet.
This mission took about 10 minutes to plan and it played out in less than 60 seconds.


Ya, it’s a good game I have it… but not so impressed with it yet, hasn’t grabbed me like DK2… maybe more time with it, but too busy with other great tac games right now like DK2, Ground Branch, and Ready or Not.

I’m sure there are pro’s and cons to all of them. I like this one more than Thunder Tier 1 for example. I have to admit I got a refund on that one as it didn’t grab me in the first hour or so. I wish Steam would give more than 2 hours of play for a no question refund. Some of these games really need a bit more than that.

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I regret the demise of the demo!

Agreed BUT both of these games released weekend only demos about a month ago… No Plan B and Thunder Tier One… just FYI. :wink: I even posted it here. But still underwhelmed with No Plan B and love Thunder Tier One, but made more for co-op, the SP AI are idiots, and make SP much harder than it should be. IMO.

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