Noob for DCS



Thanks for the advice folks. I pulled the trigger on a f 86 last night. It has been great today. Still going to pick up an F5 though probably tomorrow


Got an f5e today… proceeded to stick it in the concrete bunker across the way. Lol


Holy [email protected] does it take forever to download DCS…
I downloaded the game and it took 5 hours to update before I could play and then I started the game and logged in and a friend had gifted me a map and a plane which it wanted to download before I could play. It has taken another 5 hours to update those items so far and it’s still unpacking files. Luckily most of that time was while was retired for the evening but man alive is that a long time. Won’t get to play either cause I have to leave in about twenty minutes for the day. :frowning:



Shouldnt take that long !!..whats your connection speed?? I would look at that and your computer.


New noob question:

I just took advantage of the DCS sale to pick up a couple FC3 aircraft. I got the Mig-29 & Su-33. I set up the Mig-29’s controls profile for my TM Warthog stick/throttle. Then I looked at at the Su-33 and noted that it is very similar.

I assume that the Save Profile and Load Profile buttons have been turned off for some reason (2.5 non-Beta;up to date). No worries.

I thought I might just copy/paste the edited Mig-29 profile I had just made from its folder (c:/Program Files/…Mig-29/Controls/… or something like that. Not at that PC right now) into the Su-33 Controllers folder. However there are several .lua files and I cannot tell by Date Modified which one was changed when I set up my controls profile.

So…am I looking in the correct place? Do I just need to start looking in the .lua files to see what is what? :slightly_smiling_face:


Default .lua is what the aircraft loads first. Did your file overwrite a .lua??


Anything in Program Files is the SAME between you and every other DCS install.
Look in the Users/Saved Games/DCS or something like that. That is where your settings, screenshots, controls, missions, tracks and even mods such as the A-4 are.
Then Config/ Input ? Or something like that? I am not on PC either

Also, DCS (at least before profiles were introduced) works with default bindings (in program files) and then only saves (in saved games) any changes from the default profile that you make. Hence the extension .diff.lua being used (difference)


Ok…what is password for teamspeak server ?


Should say here: