Normandy 44, pretty good game...

A strategy game, so getting down and dirty gets a little ugly, but still looks pretty damn good, great tactical play too.


Looks really nice. Last one I played from the same developer was Wargame: European Escalation. How does it compare to that?

pretty much the same gameplay, but more fitting for a slower, more close battle of WW2 compared to the fast and furious of modern warfare.

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Less strategic, more tactical. They’ve taken the concepts from Red Dragon and ALB, and reduced the scope of logistics management. Infantry behave differently, are more prone to suppression and are more varied in capabilities between nations and “battlegroups” (decks). Armor is much slower now, but feels more robust. Not every infantry unit has anti-tank munitions, an HE spam is much less effective in killing vehicles without open tops, requiring dedicated AT guns or vehicles.

Overall there are some improvements, and it’s definitely a better game than say, Red Dragon or European Escalation. I stubbornly cling to the belief Air Land Battle is still the series highpoint


That is great to hear. I feel like I would have enjoyed earlier games by these guys but for the frantic pace. I actually bought this during the beta a while back but never installed it. Downloading now. :slight_smile:


I consistently got my butt kicked by the AI in both European Escalation and the other one. I’m not good at putting together an Army…

A large part of my nostalgia for ALB is the fact @klarsnow, @tyco and I would just wail on each other in it for hours. Horrific fights for towns, massive tactical envelopments, desperate rear-guard actions while trying to hastily re-assemble a defensive positions, deep recon and counter recon paranoia in respective spawns. In one case a Hind blob so massive I literally ran out of missiles trying to kill all of them. ALB had a very clear sense of purpose and design throughout that reflected in the units available, ways you could arrange a deck, and how the maps were designed. Red Dragon lacked that. Steel Division has a bit of it back.

Just say Hind blob on TS and you will be treated to a rant of epic proportions, I believe I left hime with a severe case of hind caused PTSD after that game. Also the SAM flickering to blot out the SEAD aircraft. At one time my IADS fu was STRONK.

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We not going to mention that time I ended the match with a Polish T-34-85 division applied directly to your face?

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meh, I prefer to remember the times your puny abrams rolled up on a village and approximately ALL THE KONKURS shot out of it at once to make good remove.

This of course was followed immediately by a panic napalm, one of your standard responses to most threats.

Much like my OH ■■■■ THEY ARE ROLLING THROUGH MY FLANK, how do I stop this quickly… SU-24 Carpet bombing? or hind swarm… HIND SWARM


Both of you have filthy spam decks and should feel bad. What’s next, arty support decks?!?

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The napalm usually did the job. Remember the F-117… good times