North Atlantic King Air Ferry Flight

While browsing the vastness of the internet, I found this nice little article about a King Air ferry flight from Kansas to Germany. Thought you guys might enjoy if you haven’t come across it yourself yet. Definitely plan on flying this in X-Plane.


Also found the Beech Factory Airport is just down the road from the starting point of this trek. I think I’ll start there with a fresh King Air and then re-enact the flight.

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Enjoyed the article. :sunglasses:


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You should try a factory fresh C90GTx and see if you can make it to Grenada…!


Oh man, that is appalling!


I’ll do the refueling myself with the airfoil king air, be sure to top off the correct tanks!

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So what you are saying is that there is a brand new, slightly damaged Kingair just sitting on the bottom of the Caribbean just waiting for somebody to salvage it, and it is theirs! :grin:

Come on Mudspike! We can do this!

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