Nostalgic Game Music

I don’t know if we already have a thread on game music, but recently I have been going on a spree of listening to music of games I used to play back as a kid.
If people wish to share any great music from games they used to play back in the day I would greatly appreciate it. (This may vary largely between people hahaha).
I must say they still sound as great as ever to me.

Peace Through Power!


This one isn’t nostalgic…because it is very current…but I really enjoy the opening music to Arma 3 when it opens… I don’t know why, but I just dig the sound of it. It sounds like I’m getting ready to do something really cool…

For nostalgia though…it’s hard to beat that techno music that started Eurofighter 2K…and I played the snot out of that game…


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Oh snap…I forgot about the A-10 Cuba music…now I realize it sounds like The Blue Man Group made it…LOL…


The World in Conflict sound track by Ola Strandh is without a doubt my favorite game music that was not written by Marty O’Donnell (Bungie’s former in-house composer).

Okay this one wasn’t him, but gosh darnit: Polyuskho Polye’s bad ass, and it has ekranoplans AND air-mech T-80s!

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When Bannon sacrifices himself…


I’ll contribute!

C&C Red Alert: “Hell March”

Wing Commander 1 and 3

Perry Rhodan Operation Eastside (from the guy that made the Babylon5 music)

“Wheel of Time” Here’s one of the great ones:



Pretty much anything off GTA VC soundtrack

Jane’s USAF intro


Holywhatever, did I love World in Conflict.
And yes, mr. Forum I want to REVIVE THIS TOPIC! Thanks for the notification! D:<

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So, for those of you that played the ancient MechWarrior games:

There’s this! Some guy from Australia decided to do a modern take on the soundtrack: