Not good FPS with i7 8700K @ 5GHZ and 32G DDR4

I upgraded my CPU and RAM from i5-2500K and DDR3 to i7-8700K and 32G DDR4 3200 (motherboard changed as well, of course). The CPU is OC to 5Ghz; ram at 3200mhz. Now in X-Plane 11 (v 11.30), I still get only 32 – 45 fps on my 2k monitor. That does not look much of an improvement from the 25-30 fps I used to get from the age old i5, which was OC to 4.5mhz. Is this normal? The hard drive is SSD, as before. No change. I think I saw some people with similar configuration got high 70 or 80 fps on their monitors.

What’s funny is that I tried to move all the slides in the graphic setting all the way to the left. It only gets me 50 some fps above KSEA at 1000ft. Then I move all slides to the right; the fps is still about 30 something, not that different from if I set certain items (e.g. objects) lower.

Going to reinstall XP fresh, and see if anything changes.

Also tried IL-2 BOS. Also not too much of an improvement. The old rig gave me 90fps on VR in summer map, free flight. In a 1v1 dog fight, it would drop to 40-50. Now the new rig produce only 70 in the dog fight setup.

Video card? CPU and RAM will only really help load speed and that sort of thing.

First step would be just to verify where your bottleneck is.

If you start up X-Plane, get on the runway (or wherever you get 32-45 fps) and then bring up Task Manager, with the Performance tab.

Does it look a bit like this?

X-Plane is CPU bound usually, but also very GPU memory hungry. You might be hitting something that reduces the CPU use.


I have the same CPU @5GHz.
What kind of cooling do you have on that CPU? Delidded? Did you check the temperature while doing some stress tests?
If the CPU is running too hot, it will throttle down.


As @Franze said, it might just be your video card.
These days you can get away with using a relatively old CPU in many games, but the video card is very important.

About video card…
Does your motherboard have built in video?
Make sure you plugged your monitor to the video card, and not the built in video.
Don’t ask me why I thought of this. :wink:


Ahaha yeah happened to me as well. :smile:

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Apologies. Totally forgot to mention the GPU. It’s a 1080ti. Paired with the old i5, I’d think the performance was acceptable for all games other than flight sim. To get better VR experience, I upgraded the CPU, MB, and RAM.

Will check the “Performance” tab and temperature as suggested. Thanks all!


Try getting a good cooler and oc’ng the hell outta that 8700k, I recently saw a review of the v8 gts here, and it is indeed a mix of power and aesthetics. Or if you have the budget, go for an AIO.