Now this is advertisment, GR Wildlands

Think it’s the first time, could be wrong, that I noticed a tactical gear web site selling game related stuff… cool…kinda???

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I’m waiting for the first picture of the guy decked out in that gear playing Wildlands…you KNOW it’s coming…!

I’m currently using the Assassin’s Creed 4 costume in the game that I got for free because I have AC4 I guess. The best part is the flint lock pistol!

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a little OT, but that first DLC Drug road or whatever was STUPID… but the new one, just released yesterday, Ghost Down or Down Ghost, or whatever… is pretty awesome, very tactical, harder… one enemy has special camo that makes them invisible till real close or you ID with infaRed… pretty intense fights. Pretty much, trying to save all the scattered CIA operators that’s been compromised.


Fallen Ghost

How silly, ghosts can’t fall or trip over stuff! :wink:

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Question never answered: If ghosts can pass through walls, how come they don’t just fall into the earth? What keeps them at exactly the same distance from the planet’s core as the rest of us?

Unless you trip them with your “phantom limb”…

There’s actually a proper explanation for that.
As soon as I am at the office… and have a spare minute… I’ll post it.
Sadly there’s no Kate Upton or :jenneke: involved.

It’s not that they will pass through all the things. They are simply bound to their previous life.

##Like this.