NTTR for DCS goes into closed testing

Matt has announced that the NTTR map is now available to the closed testing group [1], which means a release should be not too far off.

[1] DCS World 1.5 and 2 Discussion - Page 81 - DCS World 1.x (read only) - ED Forums


Excellent news!

Great news. Can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up (not just from a terrain standpoint - but from a mission standpoint…)


I think there should be a Las Vegas Launch Party when the public alpha/beta drops!

(hmm, would be kinda fun eh @wagmatt?) :smile:

Will there be any open beta testing or just closed to the public until it’s release date?

Last info given is there will be some open beta of some form at some point.

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Guess I should have bet after all!