NVIDIA adds Raytracing to some GTX cards in latest driver


Here is a comparison:



Here are the links to the RTX Demos:

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Read about this, not over excited about ray tracing … plus I hope to have my Titan X pascal last me until at least next generation of Nvidia cards, dont want it over heating and artifacting trying some ray tracing demos and overheating or early ray tracing games I dont like anyway.

Next gen of Nvidia cards with a lower size die/less heat seems the sensible wait and see solution, its not as if anything I play is suffering … tired of playing the upgrade GPU/CPU/RAM/ETC game… perhaps every second cycle from now on 5% or 10% … 15% performance increases if you are lucky you never notice in real life time simming I’m going to stop doing.



Three years seems to be the sweet spot for me. Usually a couple gens are released and I can take advantage of a big boost.

But then I usually buy midrange cards like the 970s, 2070s, etc.



Wise man



This has typically been my play as well. This 1080ti is the first time I’ve purchased a top tier card (at the time) and I only did that on account of really wanting to give VR the best boost I could. Had I not been attempting VR, I probably would have been just fine with the 1080.