Nvidia Driver 511.23

Had to put this one on for the God of War release, but just a quick note to say no issues with either OpenXR MSFS or OpenVR DCS in proper games. Both seem good, even with any NIS or FSR shaders in VR. My stuff is Win 10, 30x0 series in case that matters.

This one has a new feature of DLDSR, with the new part being some sort of memory game that Nvidia wants to play where you try to work out what the 100 acronyms mean. So far it’s working. More info here - Nvidia’s Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution tech is out now – here’s how to enable it | Rock Paper Shotgun


Like being back in the military: from the ABC branch of the LMNOP division…


Aviation, as an experience, is nothing be acronym vomit.

I eagerly await when I get home to relax and deal with video game acronym vomit.

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511.23 is EXCELLENT!

First set of drivers that doesn’t crash BF2042 when you’re overclocking your vid card! Seems to look better too!?


I turned on the new D-sumthin sumtin. Seems nice. No issues in DCS.

Getting a random crash in MSFS, but can’t say it’s due to the new driver, though.

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