nVidia Driver Issues?

Has anyone been having any hardware issues with the current nVidia drivers? I’m suddenly finding that at various times in VR my 4080 fans are hitting their limits and I’m getting uncomfortable readings on fpsVR, too.

I always keep an eye on fpsVR just to be safe - and I’ve never seen anything like this. Examples:

They are all from NMS - and they are older versions of the game and I normally can run them very easily with everything maxed. Thing now is, I don’t have the settings maxed - these were with high settings instead of ultra, and on TAA. I did try various DLAA or DLSS settings but everything was the same since I started using the 546.x drivers.

HAGS on or off makes no never mind.

edit: this is the sort of reading I used to get:

Try and roll them back and see if the problem corrects itself.
It’s not unheard of for a bug to creep in.

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I installed the latest version and the issue went away.

Hey Did you use DDU to uninstall the drivers? It is a very good tool to remove nVidia drivers and almost a default tool to do so…

Depends if I’m having issues or not or some other reason, but don’t use it every time.