Nvidia Drivers Uninstalls after every Reboot

Hello Friends,

I am facing strange issue. After every time I reboot, the drivers uninstalls automatically. Has anyone faced similar issue before? Please let me know your thoughts.

Welcome to our community, whats curious is that your first post in a mainly flight sims community is a classic tech support for drivers/operation system.

Ok, to help a bit more, what OS you have? you not have installed any exotic software like malware detectors etc? Is not that anti malware or antivirus that are detecting the new drivers as false positives?
In years working with 1000s of different pcs is the first time i see that symptoms.

More infos, please.
What and were you knows that the drivers were uninstalled? windows start with standard resolution? you installed custom modded drivers?

Maybe a better forum to sort that out could be a tech support of your operation system and/or nvidia.

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After a fast googling, see if this fix:

OFC, dont go to the last line about download a PC repair tool. Sadly many of that tools creates more issues than fixes.

Also here:

I find that these two usually go hand in hand… :pensive:


Sadly not all my friends that have pc problems and need tech support like flight sims :smiley:


Their loss, @stavka:wink:


So much true…


Thanks I was able to get the issue resolved using methods mentioned in the first link. Thanks a lot. Hope it will stay!

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