Nvidia Geforce Now

One of those streaming services, but free to use for an hour at a time, and you can play games you already own.

On good internet I wouldn’t describe it as perfect, but it worked fine. Interesting if you have a laptop/Mac/phone with good internet, but weak specs. I wouldn’t exactly play CS:GO on it, but something like American Truck Sim was fine. Controllers worked, sound worked, set-up via my own Steam Library was quick, so a pretty smooth experience. I’m not sure Nvidia really want to convince people not to buy 2080Ti’s but for a casual play (and of course good internet) it’s not bad.

Some press


Played the first 10 minutes of the free Destiny 2. Looked very nice and enjoyed it. Ironically, it was quicker to connect to this and run it (even if it does use your Steam account to ‘install’ it on their virtual PC, installs are pretty much instant) than to download it locally to my PC and try it. It could be handy just to try a game out rather than give up the local SSD space sometimes.

Hmm, I’m going to start a DCS Server up on it. Anyone want to try join later, on Nvidia’s dime? (Edit: ahh, they disabled it, oh well)

Obviously won’t be able to upload custom missions, but I could probably edit one in the Mission Editor and I bet the bandwidth is amazing in their data center…

EDIT: DCS was disabled by Nvidia, but it seems you can just add ‘Steam’ as your ‘game’ entry and then pick a few different things. Arma 3 installed in about 3 seconds, so, yep, it is fun to try things without having SSD space or time to set-up or install.