NVIDIA Rant ... ya you know what it is


Please get your driver/software releases tightened up!!! The cards aren’t changing every two days so why are your drivers doing so?!!!

New WHQL set every week and hotfixes midweek LOL! It’s enough to drive you nuts. Can anyone here rationalize this crap?


Well it’s software development on a complex hardware system … so it’s harder than it seems. It’s also better than it never being updated :slight_smile:

And honestly, it’s better than it used to be. It is improving.


The drivers contain specific tweaked profiles for major game launches, so the driver releases are often tied around that. In Anthem or Metro Exodus gets a bit of a boost on Nvidia, because they tuned a specific path just for it, then that will cause a driver release. Sometimes its for new cards, i.e. like the GTX 1660, but most often its about AAA game releases and updates.

If you haven’t got a really recent card (2080, 1660 etc) and/or haven’t got a AAA release to play then it’s usually fine just to ignore the WHQL release until you find a reason to need it. It’s pretty rare that old titles get a boost, so if it works don’t break it :slight_smile:


You may also want to keep up to date, due to security issues.


Ok, thanks guys. I’ve calmed down a bit.


If you think that nVidias Windows drivers are a pain, you should try their Linux drivers. I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times the GPU driver has temporarily broken my Linux boot process, let alone the entire debacle with Wayland.

They have somewhat gotten their act together lately, thank goodness. Knock on wood.


I usually don’t update.
I instal drivers available at the time I got the PC and thats it.

Sometimes though the latest sim version is somehow not working as expected and I update… like with the XP v11.30… only to realize that the 1.5year newer drivers doesn’t change a thing.

So I fully agree - new drivers are just for new AAA games which I don’t play :slight_smile: