NVIDIA RTX 3000 series

How time flies…only seems like yesterday I was spending about double what I should have been on the 2080!

*Nvidia RTX 3080 release date *

If rumors are to be believed, the RTX 3080 could be revealed as soon as March, with a release to follow in summer 2020. According to Wccftech, Nvidia may reveal the RTX 3080 line at the GTC AI conference in March, and then release the new GPUs in June around the time of Computex 2020.

*The KittyCorgi tweet calls out two models: A GA103 (likely the 3080), which would have an 3,840 cores, 10/20GB of graphics RAM and a 320-bit memory bus. The GA104 model (likely the 3070) would sport 3072 cores, 8/16GB of graphics RAM and a 256-bit memory bus. *

For reference, the RTX 2080 Super features 3,072 cores, 8GB of VRAM and a 256-bit memory bus. If the 3080’s rumored specs are true, Nvidia’s new cards would get a huge boost in video memory, making them ideal for both gamers as well as content creators and professional designers.


Ooooh… Sounds expensive!


Is Nvidia competing with Intel towards ridiculously long SKUs? A few years and we’ll be at the RTX 10080 Ti. What happened to 2100, 2200 etc.

I would be happy to get a card with more video memory. DCS will surely appreciate it.


This sounds about right. I just spent $700USD on a rtx 2080s.

Good news is I dont think DCS will be updating its engine that quick so all should be good.

But 20gb of vram will be insane! I love it

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So I guess my liquid cooled 2080Ti is going t be obsolete soon! :crazy_face:


Spot on and I predict it will blow up the day the liquid cooled 3080ti is released. :money_mouth_face:


Right?! They were doing fine up until the 10 series. they should have went from 10 to 11 and so forth

and dosent Flight sim 2020 release in the summer, so at least we knwo what the recomeended graphics card will be :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


I’m happy to do a deal when you upgrade yours :rofl:

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That is great news, this will be the generation I waited for to upgrade (from a 1080).

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Ha, well, I think I will probably have to wait a bit before I upgrade again. It would have to be a significant performance upgrade before I would consider it.

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Can I wire my iPhone 6+ into this?

No, not the +. The regular 6 could be hacked. But I could get you some liquid cooling for it…

I am skipping the 2000’s for this, they better be good. Already saving up to drop some major cash on one. New box is gonna be worth more than our family car. See the what are you driving thread for an indication, it’s not new lol.


Skipped the 2080Ti, My Titan X Pascal 12 GB is still holding up, but will be looking at a 3080 Ti hopefully, know its gonna sting price wise, and also when it does come out it will probably be the usual hardly any stock, but by mid year to end of year, FS2020 release time, hopefully I’ll have one then.

Not worried about ray tracing either, just after more grunt and vram.

Depending on what AMD can deliver with Big Navi, nVidia might come a bit under pressure in the low high end range. I don’t think they can go much further on prices, there was already considerable backlash on the 2xxx series.

Intel will supposedly enter the market as well mid 2020, but it is unlikely that they will manage to get into the high end segment with their first shot.

I don’t think intel necessarily would want to aim up to the likes of the 2080TI anyways. GPU’s have been under 14nm for a while - they are still having issues with 10nm for CPUs.

In that regard I am intrigued, but unlike the hold I allow them on my CPU purchasing - they will have to work to pull me from Nvidia, who have given me an excellent level of performance-reliability.

Intel has been quite good with drivers thus far from my experience, so I am not too concerned with that.

Intel’s performance per dollar will be the big issue, if they can’t deliver they’ll be left aside as irrelevant. They may do well to enter in with the lower end workstation graphics for hardware accelerating things like AutoCAD and compete for the Radeon WX’s and low end Quadros.


Their press statements indicate otherwise. But in all likelihood that is just the usual hot air to generate some hype. Everything points to scaled up versions of their existing integrated GPUs which would put them in the midrange segment (which is where most units are sold anyway). We’ll see,

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If those numbers are right, the 3070 will be just a (maybe) higher clocked 2080 Super? With possibly more RAM but also maybe the same 8GB?

If that’s all it is, the pricing will need to be inline with the 2070 Super.

Something like that, its what Nvidia do.

They know all the tricks to market and release their hardware, the worse thing that ever happened for normal sim or gamer PC enthusiast’s was that bitcoin mining fad, their graphic cards were in big demand because of it and the prices got hiked sky high … supply and demand of course, it used to be Nvidia were a Gamer company, but they jumped on this Mining fad and let the prices go through the roof, its hard to blame them I suppose … but now the fad has subsided the prices for Nvidia cards are still artificially high … its hard to lose profit margins for them I suppose … and I do not support that, just making a casual observation!

So, I doubt the next gen of RTX 3xxx series are going to be cheap or getting back to price levels of older GTX Nvidia releases any time soon … the price of a potential and inevitable RTX 3080 Ti or Titan XYZ (or whatever they call it) this year is going to sting, its going to be eye watering expensive and still be in low supply for ages on release , because there are always nutters out there with more money than sense who will pay for it.

Hopefully near end of year I’ll grab one, we’ll see.

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Nvidia had put out an announcement that they expected the supply chain to fix the prices and put limits on sales to prevent people bulk-buying out the stock to “keep the product in the hands of our real fans, the gamers” roughly said.

Of course that didn’t do anything other than give them something to fall back on to save face.

Then RTX-2XXX came and the prices were…the same. :man_shrugging:

Thankfully the power-efficiency of bitcoin mining when combined with requisite air conditioning is a net loss financially!

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