NVIDIA RTX 3000 series

Well it is double, so they did not lie.

It’s like those graphs with no axis description, it’s all true. And useless. But true.

As far as more NVIDIA sponsored content, I thought that this video was compelling, since it used what they felt were optimized settings. I suppose that independent results would be best. But here you are.

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I finally got MSFS running and was massively gutted about performance on my aging rig. Over my house it was down to 12-15 and over RAF Brize Norton it was single figures (I’ve yet to optimise) and I don’t think I can squeeze much more out of it without investment


I was really surprised how much of an improvement the 5900X was compared to my old i7 6700k

I went from 20-35ish FPS at low/medium settings in most areas to 30-50fps at high/ultra settings. I saw decent improvements in DCS as well but MSFS was on a completely different level. Running a RTX 2070 in both cases.


Nice, thanks for that info; I have the same [old] CPU (and a 1080 GPU). I’m at the point of deciding what CPU/MB to get now as I have all the other stuff. Decisions, decisions…


I know there’s many choices, but allow me to help you on one thing that I often see people gloss over.

If you go for Ryzen 5000, don’t even consider an X570 motherboard, just go for a B550 board. You can get a much higher quality board for a lower price that way.

The X570 chipset’s advantage over B550 is only relevant if you want to connect more than 1 NVMe drive of the 4.0 variety. “Normal” superfast NVMe drives are PCI 3.0, which is already insanely fast.

Many people go for X570 because they are not sure of the difference but if you’re not sure you need it, you really don’t.

Oops I went off topic


Good info there. thanks,

I think there’s a badge for that :grin:

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Just had a look at the state of the GPU market.

Now i wish i hadn’t.


It’s completely bonkers. 3090? ~3000€, 3080? 2000€, 6700XT? 1000€

I am babying my 2070 right now^^


I’m in the same boat. This boat doesn’t have any new GPUs in it.

Would it just be best if Nvidia just did a ‘RTX Ethereum Mining 3091 Edition’ and stop trying to fight them and swim towards the wave? Strip it of anything that isn’t useful for hashing, put a special low power mode on it, make it rack friendly, special driver etc etc. Sell it for the same price as the 3090 and then the invisible hand will sort things out? (I haven’t thought this through, so just throwing it out there)


Miners are only one part of that. I highly recommend the video I posted. Despite the clickbait title and thumbnail it’s actually very good.


But is has a picture of Linus on it, so I don’t want to.


(watching it now)

Just watched, thanks!
That was a good video.

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I’m more optimistic about doing a major CPU upgrade this year and sticking to my 1080ti that I bought used for 400 US lol


At the moment to there is absolutely no where in the UK to buy a 3000 series GPU … except for Amazon private sellers and eBay …and the prices are ridiculous…

Patiently sitting on my 740 euro spot on a delivery list for a 3080… 109 down from 183 in September. Most are cancellations.


Seeing how hard it is to get a 3080 these days is making me feel pretty good about my private purchase last October for just a few hundred bucks over what they’re asking for in the store.

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Well…We always have the Hope that DCS gets Optimized and incorporates “Vulcan”…That should help us…Right???


The way it often seems to go in software is that the GPU always ‘lives up to its means’ so to speak, meaning if a game/sim is optimized then they’ll be more stuff added so it looks even better - which then means it won’t be faster, just better looking. Now we could turn stuff off, to make it go faster, but then that feels less fun, knowing you aren’t seeing the new stuff. :slight_smile:


IDK, I just bought an Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus WiFi for less than $200 US for a new Ryzen 5600X and I’m liking it a lot for the investment. It is really easy to configure and has all the bells and whistles I’ll ever use for a mid priced board. Would do it again.

My brother works near a MicroCenter and is hunting a GPU for me. He’s been lucky or smart, but he has gotten there at opening and found them on the shelf. A 3080 would be smart money, IMO, but told him to let me know if he sees any 3000 series boards. I think that a retailer is probably your best bet these days, especially one that won’t sell rare stuff online.

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