Nvidia unveils Pascal GPU - 16GB of memory

Available probably around mid-2016. Confirmed to be able to play ‘pong’ at 16k resolution :wink:

With some more detail here:

The push to VR is really going to place demands on consumer PC tech. Which is great for flight sims and will drive prices down on existing tech (in theory).


Seems a bit much…Price on that bad boy is going to be Huge!!! I was just looking at upgrading from my 570 to the new 950. lol

Now the question is is 16GB overkill? A 980 TI is 6gb. and is $700 USD.

Yeah…I have a GTX 760 and wonder if there is some meaningful upgrade I should do to my GPU… I’m totally clueless on CPUs and RAM and all that stuff these days…but this is what I have…

Intel i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz (not overclocked)
Windows 10 x64
GeForce GTX 760
Samsung EVO 850 SSD

Any use in investing in more GPU or is there a bottleneck somewhere else?

I would say the 760 is your bottleneck but I cant imagine it being that much of a bottleneck. However A 980 would probably future proof you for a while. the 980 is $500 USD i think where as the 980TI is $700.

The the real question is do you have an issue with any of your games/sims right now? Or is everything good?

The other thing is Black friday is coming up so you might get a great deal on a better card.

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I’m pretty happy with what I have. I’d say the most intense application I run is perhaps X-Plane with some of the heavier scenery packages like Aerosoft Alaska + the HD Mesh…but even that gives me passable FPS. I don’t know that I need to spend $500 for an improvement on already good I guess…(but you know how that is…you just WANT to have more…LOL…)

Oh yeah…forgot about the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday thing. I’ll keep an eye out for specials…


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