NZXT Kraken G10 Install. Watercool your video card...CHEAP

Hey Fellas,
This weekend my Kraken kit came in the mail. It was just in time for me to spend the time getting it installed. Before I can even begin to sound like I did this all on my own, here is a youtube video. NZXT Kraken G10 Install without Removing Heatsink - YouTube
This guy has it all figured out and offers some good insite. View the video before you order as you will need a spacer. You need a copper spacer between the GPU and the water block. (See video). The instructions were so easy to follow. However, no mention of the spacer. I used a Corsair H55 and had a massive drop of temperature. I lost about 10C under load. Idle temps are ridiculous too (39C).
So before I make this into a long post, I just wanted to say, this product works.



Looks slick! I’m always worried about those fixed length hoses - too short and it won’t reach over/around components, too long and you have to bend it to fit it inside your case.

How’s your set up? Pics?

Sorry I took so long to reply. My work PC was not up to the task of uploading a single photo.
This was a real easy install. I would give it a 3 if you build your own PIN PC ONE by Mark, on Flickr

Is that a 1250W PSU? Holy Krakatoa, what do you have that needs 1.25 KW of power?!

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A very large Ego. No, seriously, I have two cases that I have had since Jesus was a private. One is this one, the other has a 1000 watt pwr supply. I bought these back when you needed these dinosaurs. If I had to pay my electric bill I would probably get rid of these… I may want SLI someday… You never know…

Any idea why this page just tried auto Down loading something swify.swf?

@EinsteinEP’s giphy link redirects to flash (Giphy doing something weird), and on Chrome that’s blocked and Firefox/FF Mobile it’ll download the flash .swf file. I’ve edited the post to stop it.


I wondered why the link always loaded weird.