Oculus Beta 1.42

The new Oculus Beta allows for turning off the Home graphics, freeing up some much needed performance.

I noticed an increase in FPS…


That’s really interesting. Reinstalling my rift is next on my list to see if I can get some decent performance now I’ve formatted and reinstalled everything

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Good, Home has caused me so many issues.

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But I just bought a new vase…:grin:

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I specically hate how I modded my setup, and Rift Home Launches first and throws me error dialogs that I cannot dismiss, even when launching DCS or any VR sim directly.

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while it fixed the issue w/ messages I cannot dismiss, even when I launch an App in VR Mode, it launches Home w/ it as well for me.

With the 3D graphics…?
It launches the Oculus software and menues, but the 3D home view is just a grey void with a black mesh, for me now.

yeah, same.

if I launch DCS Directly, It launches the Oculus Software w/ the Empty White 3D Space w/ the Menus, then DCS Ends up behind that, I have to close DCS and Relaunch to bring it to the front.

Same w/ other Apps.

Definitely better performance though

Hmmmm so maybe I should switch to that beta and see if I can squeeze enough frames out of there to play X-plane…

For anyone on the SteamVR side the beta channel has this checkbox, and similarly helps load times and performance:


Just tick it off to not bother loading your skeuomorphic real-estate.


Forgive me for mentioning this multiple times. But just in case anyone following is new to Oculus, I have enjoyed dramatic improvement in X-Plane by using the Oculus Debug Tool to turn ASW off. I do this with X-Plane only. The improvement is not at all subtle. If I have ASW on, the effect is almost as if I have two instances of the game active simultaneously. This doesn’t work for everyone, I know. But it takes just seconds to try.

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I turned ASW off using an X-plane plugin, and it did improve performance. A bit. Sadly not enough to make the simulation fun to play for me.

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