Oculus embraces OpenXR

As a Reverb G2 owner, but unmarried to any VR hardware vendor, I find this intriguing :thinking:


Sounds like good news to me! I like the idea of the OpenXR standard and it seems to perform very well in MSFS.
The more VR developers that support it, the better.


Accepting a widespread standard is probably good for VR, though I understand that putting FB to the equation may raise some questions and doubts here and there.

I hope for good. But I am decided to leave Oculus out of my future purchasing decisions nonetheless.


I was a big Oculus Rift and Rift S fan…but I made the jump to WMR with the Reverb G2 last year. The only sim I have missed is Condor 2 which is Oculus native.


Having been forced somewhat reluctantly into using a Quest 2 headset due to the incompatibility with the Reverb G2 and the RTX 3090 Ti, I can definitely say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how well I’m getting along with white instead of black. Neither are perfect, but without a doubt the Meta software integration is superior to that of WMR/SteanVR. In other words, a lot more end user friendly.

However, with regards to using OpenXR, I have questions. Whenever I switch to Microsoft OpenXR runtime (update just released BTW), Oculus software complains that Oculus is no longer the OpenXR runtime. Things that I’ve observed:

DCS seems to be fine with either set as the runtime or whether OpenComposite is installed, perhaps because it has native support for Oculus.

Likewise, with MSFS 2020 seems very happy with Oculus set as the OpenXR runtime and the OpenXR Toolkit seems to work as well. Have not tried it with Microsoft set as the OpenXR runtime.

I haven’t had time to try other SteamVR games without Oculus support, but will post back here when I do.

I just wondered what the collective thought is for using Oculus or Microsoft as the OpenXR runtime. Which one is preferred and why? There doesn’t seem to be much chatter about this on YT, probably because the Reverb G2 seems to attract more sim enthusiasts, while the Quest 2 is more game oriented.


Good luck with your search. I have nothing helpful to offer as I’ve never tried anything other than the Oculus Runtime except when Steam takes over for IL2.

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