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This might be my next headset combo. The Quest has IPD adjustment and higher res while still being on the Oculus platform.

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Huh…! Didn’t see that coming!
I agree. The Quest will certainly get my attention now.

I lost track of who’s who in this amount of VR headsets… @_@

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There is certainly plenty of choice right now. The Quest has it’s own limitations. The 72Hz displays for one thing. Having said that, the Rift S is only 80Hz, so the frame rate isn’t much less I guess.

Does it have ASW?

I’m guessing that would be done at the PC, so I don’t see why not. Just speculating though.

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Anti-Submarine Warfare?

OK - a 72 Hz display vs 80 Hz for my Rift S…and DCS is telling me that I am getting 40 FPS steady running it on my rig…and I don’t really notice any stutters unless I real look hard and go low/semi-fast (Mi-8 at 100 m / 200 kph).

My only (small) dissatisfaction with the Rift S is its resolution…it could be better but then I constantly fog the eye pieces anyway–despite fans and a cool room, etc–which causes its own blurriness.